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Exhibition of Works by Marina Kulik in Nice

Marina Kulik studied Monumental Design and graduated in Drawing, Graphics and Painting. To earn a crust, she worked as a waitress, DJ, designer, illustrator, executive researcher, marketing manager, teacher and sailor - experience and inspiration for a lifetime! She has worked as a full time independent artist in France since 2000, teaching portrait and model drawing and aquarelle in the Centre des Arts "Le Hangar" in Chateauneuf de Grasse.

Galerie Oscar is holding a short exhibition of her works, running until 31st January 2012. An accomplished artist, Marina is also a founder of "Aquarelista group". Her artistic objective is to combine her creativity and 'the artist life’ with intelligence and science.

As a painter she shows mastery, originality and coincidence. The originality is in the subjects themselves, as well as in her poetic and positive view on them. It is also in the unusual materials and the atypical way they are applied.

Aquarelle by Marina Kulik MyDNA Series

Marina's poetic aquarelle watercolours on handmade paper show a wonderful craftsmanship combined with the fascinating and intricate stories she tells about life in her own vibrant universe.

"I create large size abstract aquarelles. The watercolours are transparent and they have a will of their own, dripping, flowing and drying in a way that you cannot completely control. That's why I like them so much. There is a lot of coincidence in my work, but the basic theme is always 'Life's pathways'. Every line, ribbon and rag in my work is a symbol for a life, with a start and an end and an "in between" where things are happening. Affected by the behaviour of the paint and other external influences, but always coming out of my mind and imagination, I call them MyDNA"

Aquarelle by Marina Kulik 'Rosebud'

Marina frequently has exhibitions in the South of France, the Netherlands, the UK and the United States and has built up quite a reputation for the poetic "MyDNA" series as well as her characteristic portraits, which amongst others led to a commission by the Dutch Consulate in Nice for a portrait of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

All images courtesy Marina Kulik

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