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Lady Gaga show changes - urgent action required if you hold tickets

Lady Gaga’s huge concert in Nice on 4th October has now become Lady Gaga’s two smaller concerts in Nice on 3 and 4 October.  The star has apparently had very poor ticket sales for the original show, with a total capacity of 55,000. Now the organisers are moving the event to the Nikaia indoor arena, with its total capacity of 9,000 people and running the shows over two days.

If you have tickets for the concert, you must take action – and you only have until Saturday 29th September to do so.

You must contact the outlet from which you purchased the tickets.  You can either get your money back, or swap your ticket for the same category on 4 October. Alternatively you can get your money back and then buy a ticket for 3 October in any category.

Any questions? Yes we thought there might be!  You can call

By the way - her new album "Artpop" might just be showing the way forward for recession hit music stars - she's producing a multimedia experience with games, videos, and of course music. It's to be available for I-Pad and laptop.

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