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Our Top Tips for Staying Fresh the Whole Summer Long!

Stay fresh for summer. The sun is finally shining, winter clothes are well and truly packed away and our pasty pins finally get the tan they deserve. In order to make that summertime last for the whole season, remember to have these natural remedies close to hand to keep your whole family happy and smiling.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is known to regulate body and core temperature. So, for you out there that suffer from the dreaded heat rash, this is your saviour. Find yourself a brand that is free of sugar and aspartame, although the vitamin is readily available in all berries, kiwi fruits, oranges and red peppers, all foods that we consume in huge amounts down here in the South of France. Take 500g daily, or 100g for children, throughout the summer months. Some people are more prone to prickly heat than others so. If this is you, also have on hand homeopathic remedies Apis and Urtica Urens 30CH to reduce the severity and appearance of the rash.


Beta Carotene
Most women out there will know this as the tanning supplement! A form of Vitamin A, these help to bring our natural pigment melanin, to the top surface of our skin, which is our protection from the harmful rays of the sun. As Vitamin A is stored in our livers, I recommend you go lightly on the dose; one tablet a day through the summer is fine. Warning; this is not to be used instead of sunscreen, but along side it. The added protection will help stop that stinging red phrase of tannage, which leads to skin damage.

Caladium 30CH & Staphysagria 10M
These two homeopathic remedies will help prevent mossy bites that can drive people crazy down here! Take one granule of Caladium in the morning alternated with Staphysagria in the evening, keep this going until the weather starts to cool down. Other supplements that will help are B Vitamins and garlic capsules, which, thanks to the glory of modern technology, are now available in odourless form! If you are prone to bites remember this, mosquitoes are attracted to your CO2 that you breath out, which is worse at night. Invest in a net around your bed and wear loose cotton clothing. If you do get bitten, Ledum 30CH and Apis 30CH from you pharmacy will reduce the itching and swelling.


Rescue Cream
This is a cram version of the well-known Rescue Remedy. I have recommended to many people with eczema as it is so soothing and gentle. Use it for any skin problems, from insect bites to sunburn. This, along with Aloe Vera gel (not cream) will to relieve sunburn and speed recovery time. If you have been unfortunate enough to fall asleep in the sun and have severe sunburn, including blisters; take these simple steps.

- Keep an eye for symptoms of sunstroke, these include nausea and vomiting, as well as chills.

- If there are blisters, DO NOT burst them as this could lead to infection.

- Only apply cool, not cold water to the area and gels. Creams may lead to infection in open wounds.

Bad news is that it is best to avoid the sun for at least two weeks (and maybe even up to a month) to give the area time to fully heal down to the deepest level.

The essential Summer Cocktail - 1 teaspoon lime juice, sugar and salt
With most of us foreign to this area our bodies will find it difficult to regulate temperature. We sweat profusely, leading not only to horrible sweat patches, but also to dehydration which most people not even realising we are. In summer, your appetite is naturally suppressed. People can confuse hunger with thirst, so if you find yourself hungry all summer, take a glass of water first.

With sweat you are not only losing liquid from the body but mineral salts as well. These need to be replaced to rebalance your whole system. The combination above, in a glass of water, will help. Foods which also help are raisins and bananas, both full of potassium, also giving us a nice flat tummy as they improve bloating and fluid retention!


Parsley tea
Fluid retention can also be extremely painful for people who suffer with it, swollen ankles and hands can but pressure on joints and nerves making it very uncomfortable. Parsley tea is a very mild and gentle diuretic and while it won't get rid of the underlying cause of water retention, it will relieve it, by drinking one cup daily. For people with itchy red shiny ankles take Apis 30CH to relief the symptoms. Also think of getting deeper further treatment through the winter months to help reduce the swelling next year. Major causes of oedema include hormone imbalance, medication and venous strength.

Arnica & Calendula
Everyone with kids will be on heightened alert for cuts and scraps with summer outdoor activities. Always keep Arnica 200CH and Calendula herbal mother tincture to reduce swelling, bruising and clean cuts. Calendula also promotes healing of the skin for a faster recover time. Mothers can also use it to help heal blisters from our new summer sandals. Put 20 drops in a tub of water to soak your feet in.

If you manage to have a cool boat trip along the Med this year, call me I've been dying to get on a yacht for ages! Only joking, but it would be such a pity to suffer with seasickness, and there are very natural remedies out there. Ginger is well known to help nausea; fresh ginger or a slice of root chewed will relief the symptoms. Homeopathic remedies specifically for seasickness include Coca 30CH and Tabacum 30CH.

Homeopathic remedies
For acute conditions such as mentioned in this article, remedies can be repeated of time. Repeat remedies every 30 minutes to 2 hours with signs of improvement. Change remedy if an effect such as a reduction in symptoms or relief has not been seen after the fourth dose.

Julia Edgely is a Homeopathist based in Antibes


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