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Autumn in Liguria - the Queen of Seasons

If you have had enough of lounging on the beach all summer, why not take full advantage of the fine weather and enjoy the outdoor activities on offer in the beautiful Riviera dei Fiori? Biking tours, beautiful walks in the mountains - the surroundings are even more packed with activity. Consider a trip from Balzi Rossi to Bordighera through the mountains. From the palaeolithic to the middle ages, from the astronomical observatory to the smallest 'principality' in the world. It's all here - come join us! The Riviera dei Fiori isn't just the blue of the sea, it is also the luxurious greens of the forest and dark hues of the Alps.

We start at Balzi Rossi, the most important archeological area in Liguria. 200,000 years ago, man lived in the spectacular caves rising sheer above the sea. Traces of this prehistoric cave dweller are preserved in the Prehistoric Museum, founded by Sir Thomas Hanbury, a Londoner who made his fortune in Shanghai. The importance of the site in pale-ethnological terms was first theorised by the 18th century naturalist, de Saussure, and later backed up by the research carried out by Prince Florestano I of Monaco.

The cliffs at Balzi Rossi

Just a few kilometres away, we pass by Ventimiglia and Camporosso and come to Dolceacqua, bisected by the River Nervia, crossed by the elegant single-span medieval bridge. The great French impressionist, Claude Monet, immortalised this picturesque village in several paintings. But the Riviera sun and the hilly terrain also produces real gastronomic masterpieces of taste and fragrance. Lunch is ready! Highly recommended for local cuisine is the Osteria dell'acqua dolce - a real must is a glass of the dry and delicate Rossese...or two, if you're feeling more adventurous!

Now we sweetly climb and reach Perinaldo and the astronomical Observatory G. D. Cassini, then we drop down to Seborga, an independent miniature 'principality' within the territory of Italy - a veritable curiosity. Prince Marcello Menegatto and his wife and Foreign Minister Nina offer plenty of activities for tourists while respecting the rural charm of the countryside. From here we descend to the sea, to Bordighera, the beautiful city of palms. What can we expect to find? A kiss, the chocolate speciality of Bordighera.

Welcome to Seborga!

With its idyllic situation, just a stonesthrow from the border to France, with its classic architecture, gorgeous rural charm, abundant with leisure time possibilities, it's a lovely region to spend a beautiful day or the weekend! The first thing we discovered was a love of the wine and oil of the region. We loved the pure air filled with the scents of citrus fruits, herbs and wild flowers. In many of the rural villages, English speakers are few and far between, and you need a smattering of Italian, French and the local dialect to engage in conversation.

The sun sets over beautiful Liguria

Liguria is truly a year-round destination, but for longer walks or bicycle tours, you should really consider visiting in autumn. You won't see mass migration to the coast and hills, and can be guaranteed great value for money! To find out more visit the Riviera dei Fiori website or contact VivaDolceVita on +39 333 932 6627.

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