Taper Candles Create Warmth for a Home Dinner

There is something magical about the soft, flickering glow of taper candles. Their tall, slender shape gives a graceful elegance to any table setting. When used to decorate a home dinner, taper candles can truly elevate the atmosphere and mood.

Taper candles come in a variety of heights, shapes, and colors. Shorter tapers around 5-7 inches work nicely for lower centerpieces. Tall 10-12 inch tapers add drama when placed in candlesticks up and down a dinner table. Opt for classic white or ivory tapers for a clean, timeless look. Or go bold with colors like crimson reds, ocean blues, or vibrant greens. Mix and match heights and colors to create a dynamic candle display.

When planning a dinner at home, take time to thoughtfully arrange taper candles as part of your table d├ęcor. Group 3-5 tapers together in the middle of the table for a statement centerpiece. Alternate high and low candles down the center of a long table. Or place individual candles in holders at each place setting for an intimate glow.

Candleholders for tapers can be made from various materials like glass, wood, metal, or ceramic. Simple, clear glass allows the taper’s light to shine through. Dark colored holders make a striking contrast against white tapers. For a rustic feel, nestle tapers into mason jars or vintage tin cans. Or opt for elegant silver or gold candlesticks for formal flair.

Tapers should be positioned at a safe distance from other items on the table, especially flammable decorations. Make sure to extinguish taper candles before leaving them unattended. Battery operated flameless LED candles are a safer alternative while still retaining the ambiance of real candles.

When hosting a dinner party or holiday meal at home, taper candles help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Their soft glow encourages guests to slow down and savor the food, wine, and most importantly, the company. Taper candles spark conversation and connection. Their light represents hope, celebration and cherished memories made around the table.

Beginning the meal in a room lit solely by the flames of tapers, then extinguishing them as the light fades outside, makes for a romantic candle-lit dinner. The candles provide a cozy intimacy inside the home. Their burning wicks mark the passage of time spent breaking bread with those we care about.

Simple taper candles have the power to infuse a home with comfort and beauty. Their versatile shape works for any style or occasion. Artfully arranged taper candles elevate an ordinary dinner into an extraordinary experience. Their gentle flicker stirs the emotions and the senses. No matter what is served at the table, taper candles make any shared meal at home feel like a gift.