Do Cats Like Music When Sleeping?

Does playing music help cats relax and drift off to sleep? Or does it irritate and disrupt their slumber? I talked to 3 cat owners to find out if cats like listening to tunes when it’s time for bed.

Sarah and Mimi

Sarah adopted Mimi, a 5-year-old tabby, from a local shelter 6 months ago. She noticed that Mimi always curls up on the couch near her speaker whenever she plays relaxing piano melodies in the evening.

“I started playing soft piano music to help both of us unwind at the end of the day. Mimi seems to really enjoy it – she’ll hop up on the couch and fall asleep within minutes. The music is soothing and blocks out any noises that might startle her awake. I think it reminds her of lullabies for babies!”

Sarah makes sure to keep the volume low so as not to disturb Mimi’s sensitive hearing. She believes the calming tunes definitely have a positive effect and help lull Mimi into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Mark and Oliver

Mark’s 7-year-old orange tabby Oliver has been napping to classical music since he was a kitten. Mark frequently plays light orchestral pieces during the daytime when Oliver naps.

“Oliver has loved snoozing to the sound of classical music since he was a baby. I think the soothing harmonies make him feel relaxed and safe. The music provides a consistent backdrop that blocks out any jarring sounds from outside.”

However, Mark says Oliver doesn’t specifically seek out the speakers when music is playing – he just happens to nap nearby already. The tunes don’t seem to make much difference to Oliver himself, but rather create a peaceful environment that makes napping easier. As long as the music stays at a reasonable volume, it doesn’t disrupt Oliver’s catnaps.

Emily and Lilly

Emily has an elderly 15-year-old cat named Lilly with significant hearing loss. Emily tried playing soft piano music at bedtime to see if it would help Lilly sleep better.

“Lilly couldn’t care less about the music – she seems completely unaware of it due to her poor hearing. She just keeps to her usual napping routine whether the music is on or off. I don’t think she dislikes the music, but it’s simply inaudible to her.”

Given Lilly’s age and hearing difficulties, Emily concluded the music had no discernible impact on her sleep habits. Lilly neither enjoyed nor disliked it – the melodies were likely drowned out by her impaired hearing.

Some cats may find soft, calming music helps lull them to sleep, while others are unaffected or oblivious. Cats with hearing problems won’t benefit from tunes played at normal volume. If your cat responds positively, experiment to find the best genres and volumes to relax their body and mind. Sweet dreams!